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February 02, 2006

Where is the American Kadima?

I heard someone speak about "Israeli politics after Sharon" at the Limmud conference. He said that Sharon's new Kadima party was so immediately popular because there was an invisible center in the Israeli electorate that wasn't satisfied with their previous options. They would be to the right of Labour but just couldn't bear to vote Likud. Or they would be on the left of Likud, but just couldn't stand to vote Labour. Now they have a place to go. (Shinui tried to be this new center party, but it defined itself as "against the ultra-orthodox," instead of being for anything.)

Amerrica also has an invisible center, ably described by Stephen Green:

I'm pro-choice. I support gay marriage. I think porn is OK and that drugs (which aren't OK) ought to be legal. My taste in music and movies and entertainers are a lot more New York and LA than they are Nashville or Branson.

But with the exceptions of maybe Zell Miller and Joe Lieberman, there's not a Democrat today I'd vote for without first chewing through my own forehead.

Democrats: I'm your target voter! Appeal to me! I'm sick of the Republicans already! Don't make me perform impossible physical acts! Please!

But the Democratic Party isn't going to try to appeal to voters like me and Stephen and Mary and Meryl and Glenn and Mark and Charles and Roger and Neo and everyone else in this category. The Democratic Party thinks the new center is represented by the readers of Daily Kos.

We don't have a parliamentary system, so we can't create viable political parties that quickly. It takes decades for a new party to become established in our system.

But we have a large center, probably a majority, that isn't being addressed, or even seen. But you can find out about us by scrolling down the blogroll at your left, to "Liberal Hawks and Friends." Which is also a category on this blog. And you can read the Raging RINOs carnival every week.

Judith | 02/02/06 at 12:28 AM | Categories: Liberal hawks and friends

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You put up as much money as George Soros, Peter lewis and Hollywood, and the Democrats will roll over in front of you, stick their legs in the air, and make little puppy sounds.

Robert Schwartz | February 2, 2006 09:08 AM

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