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March 02, 2006

I'm not blasphemous, I'm just drawn that way

We posted a Mohammed cartoon roundup a few weeks ago, but as we ramp up for another round of Speaking Truth to Power at the Danish consulate in NYC tomorrow, we need a fresh dose of inspiration.

As Tim Blair pointed out, the cartoons "have been published more widely in Muslim countries than in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada combined" and here's a map showing just which newspapers around the globe have published the cartoons. So we have some catching up to do.

Here's a map of demonstrations, riots and deaths in reaction to the cartoons. We want our rally tomorrow to be a benign little red drop, not a large menacing black or pink drop.

[ UPDATE: More slogan suggestions from the irrepressible Van. You're asking for a fatwa, guy. ]

This Cox and Forkum cartoon wins the prize for packing the most cultural references into one panel. I suggest people attend the rally costumed as various porcine pop culture figures, carrying these signs (Purim isn't for another 2 weeks but consider it a dress rehearsal):


Piglet had already spoken with courage against censorship of himself, at Day by Day:


Yup, we here at this Jewish blog are in hog heaven at the thought of spreading more blasphemous pork representation. Yuk yuk.

The minute you let FARKers anywhere near a topic like this, you're asking for it:

moandmindy0gv.jpg allahinthefamily.jpg

chico.jpg mohammed9tg.jpg


Mohammed has even been immortalized in ASCII art.

Some very rude cartoons here.

It's all cartoon news all the time over at the BBC. (The BBC in an alternate universe, anyway . . . . )

The People's Cube, always sympathetic to revolutionary struggles by oppressed Third World peoples, reports:

Western terror labs have finally produced a weapon so horrific that it has shaken Islamic world to the core, making over a billion people from Morocco to Indonesia fear for the survival of their freedoms, morals, beliefs, cultures, governments, and the very life itself. The new weapon of terror, the so-called "Cartoon," is capable of delivering an equivalent of one million Hiroshima bombs, resulting in a horrendous mass destruction like none seen on Earth before.

. . . . Egypt, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and Iran have been clandestinely working on the "Mother of All Erasers," in an attempt to control the budding menace of cartoon proliferation. "You can kill one infidel with a sword, but if he has already published a Mohammed cartoon, the cat is out of the fire, so to speak. With our new eraser technology, we may stand a chance at eliminating the cartoons before the damage is done," said Rabid Habibi, a member of People for the Unethical Treatment of Infidels.

One of the People's Cube regulars had some fun:



You can monitor the Muslim Offense Level here.

Julie Burchill:

. . . . it's a long hard struggle trying to make bleeding-heart liberals see sense. Especially when you live in a country where a sizable part of the print and broadcasting media are such guilt-ridden cretins when it comes to Islam that if they saw Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein sexually sharing their own grandmother, they'd swear the poor old lady asked for it.

Mark Steyn on
the decision of Iran's bakers to rename Danish pastries “Roses of the Prophet Muhammed pastries.'' Has a ring to it, don't you think? If they're looking for a slogan, how about ”Iranian pastry: There's nothing flakier. Except our president.“

The Mohammed Dance is still rockin'.

Several British political cartoonists talk about why they prefer satirizing Bush and Blair to sending up Mohammed. One of them is honest:

Emerson said that a few years back he contributed to another satirical work titled "Outrageous Tales from the Old Testament," which featured "blood and guts" biblical stories not normally highlighted in Sunday school classes. He said he got a few letters, "but nobody went out burning embassies."

Emerson also said he would not have published the Muhammad cartoons, partly because they were "not very good" and partly out of fear of violent reprisals. "As a cartoonist, I have quite a few views about it," he said. "But as a human being, I'm not going to put me and my family in danger. So you might say they're winning."

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