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March 01, 2006

Solidarity with Denmark rally - NYC


Mark your calendars for the Solidarity with Denmark rally in Manhattan.

12:00 PM TO 1:00 PM.
outside the Danish consulate at One Dag Hammarskjold Plaza,
885 Second Avenue (at 47th St), New York

From the organizer:

I've been in touch with the consul-general himself, and he has graciously welcomed us. I promised the event would be as civilized and dignified as this noble cause demands, and in order to obviate a city permit, please note that NO electronically amplified sound equipment or bullhorns may be used. But signs and placards - the cleverer the better - are of course highly encouraged. Relevant cheeses, plastic toy building blocks and Shakespeare allusions also . . . . .

Pix and video from the D.C. rally last Friday.

Also read: "MANIFESTO: Together facing the new totalitarianism" (signed by Irshad Manji, Salman Rushdie, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and others)

UPDATE: Rallies planned for San Francisco, Chicago, London, and more - more info here.

UPDATE: There is still time to make placards for tomorrow. If you want to stop by Kinko's and print out a huge Protest-Warrior-style full-color placard, here's a graphic for you. It's a hi-rez tiff file, so should reproduce well at poster size.

Van listed some ideas in the comments. I will reproduce them here where the paragraph breaks will be respected. Some of them are really funny and inspired, so please continue reading:

Since I'm a poor artist but an OK writer, I'll throw out these placard ideas. In keeping with the spirit of things, they focus on what we offer:

What part of "freedom of the press" do you not understand?

1st Amendment + 2nd Amendment = Victory over Terrorists

Live Free or Die: Good for New Hampshire, Good for America

The Little Mermaid Does NOT Wear a Burkha! (great Photoshop possibility)

A Danish a day keeps Sharia away

Kufirs for Freedom

Hands off the Vikings

We're a Christian nation, but we won't turn the other cheek

The 7th century does not come after the 21st century

Free speech > Religious intolerance

Free speech rulez, repression droolz

Freedom is just another word for everything to lose

Oink if you love freedom (Photoshop alert!)

UPDATE: More slogan suggestions from Van.

Judith | 03/01/06 at 01:34 AM | Categories: NYC

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I cannot be there in person,but I am in spirit ! May God bless you all !

Paul | March 1, 2006 04:43 AM

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