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April 03, 2006

Motoon updates


Andrew Bostom reports on the NYU Motoon panel discussion, of which he was a participant. I got a detailed report last week from Pamela, but Andrew adds some information new to me:

Sans cartoons, and amidst intensive (full metal jacket/body scan) security—(Whose “sensibilities” were offended by that state-of-siege requirement one might ask the NYU administrators? Were those same administrators aware that the unhinged, openly jihadist supporting British Muslim “journalist” Yvonne Ridley had personally intervened to foment Muslim student unrest at NYU?)—the panel discussion did proceed.
(Scroll down here for extended email correspondence with Ridley and more links to her activities. She's also a member of Gorgeous George Galloway's Respect Party.)

Latest on the Border's Books controversy:

I previously linked to an email from a Borders employee describing the special product placement Muslims demand for the Koran. WWCMD decided to check it out for himself, and Lo! It is true. Apparently both the Torah and the Koran are not to be stocked on bottom shelves. I am curious whether Borders was trying to anticipate a Jewish problem or whether any Jews actually told them how to display the Torah. I also wonder if - presuming that's the case - the Jews only asked for this in response to the display of the Koran. (Escalating bookshelf wars. Oh joy.)

And then Borders has the gall to distribute this flyer. I'm glad they like banned cartoonists too. But it would be even better if they didn't like them and didn't ban them, than the opposite.

(almost all links via LGF)

Judith | 04/03/06 at 07:50 PM | Categories: - Comparative Religion

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Years ago I noticed that the local Borders had shelved all their books on Judaism as a subcategory of "Eastern Religion." I explained to the manager that Judaism was was considered a Western Religion, and should be shelved there, as were the books on Islam and Christianity. She looked at me like I had told her the earth was flat.

A few weeks later, I noticed book by a Christian author, aimed at a Christian audience and giving reasons from Christian scripture why anti-Semitism was wrong. It was shelved -- you guessed it -- in the Judaism section (which was still a subsection of Eastern religion). After all, who but Jews would care about anti-Semitism?

Yankev | April 4, 2006 10:15 AM

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