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April 27, 2006

United 93: good cop, bad cop

All entries on United 93 here.

The premier of United 93 has come and gone, and the movie opens tomorrow. The victims' families all agreed to the making of the film, and many are positive about the results.

My posts on United 93 have always referred to what appears to be the official site:


It unambigiously communicates the director's vision, which takes the terrorist threat at face value, honors the passengers' response to it, and doesn't engage in any apologetics for the ideologies of the terrorists.

Recently there is some buzz in the blogosphere about another site which also looks official, with quite a different point of view. It gives prominence to the kind of emotional masochism common to abused spouses and "progressives," which has unfortunately been prevalent since 9-11 : "What did I do to deserve this?"

Their United 93 site has the Universal trailers and interviews, but they could have swiped those from the official site or from other sources. Everything else on the site is either non-existent, public domain, or their own materials, such as "resource guides."

In the lower left corner of the "http://u93.org" site is a Universal Studios logo, which takes you to the original Universal site. In the lower right corner is the logo of "Motive Marketing," which takes you here. On the home page: "Discover the Motive. Uncover Your Audience."

I emailed Michele Malkin about this, since she is raising a fuss about the u93.org site (and isn't it interesting that they made it an "org" site, to imply noncommercial motives, educational purposes, etc.) and she says:

Yes, they have two different sites. Universal's online advertising directs people to the bad site. Newspaper articles are linking to the "good" one. There's a very fascinating dual marketing strategy going on here.

The word that comes to mind: Taqiyya.

Judith | 04/27/06 at 03:58 PM | Categories: - Power to the People

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Tracked on April 27, 2006 06:08 PM



The good site is run by Universal Studios. u93.org is run by:

Paul Lauer

Motive Entertainment

1303 Oakgrove Place

Westlake Village



I checked these out at networksolutions.com.

Bruce | April 28, 2006 05:10 PM

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