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July 04, 2006

Democracy Whiskey Sexy: a 4th of July playlist


The text of the Declaration of Independence. A fisking of the Declaration of Independence. A fisking of opinion polls, and some good advice, from Christopher Hitchens.

Some loosely-defined Americana from my iTunes library for your pleasure (upbeat, downbeat, wacky, and sentimental):

This will stay up about a week, so that copyright people don't get on my case. Please buy the artists' CDs!


Democracy Whiskey Sexy - Dr Frank
Don't Fence Me In - Cole Porter (performed by David Byrne)
Blue Jay / The Girl I Left Behind Me - Red Clay Ramblers
Surfing USA - Beach Boys (performed by the Flirtations and adapted for their gay audience)
We Rigged Our Ship - Cindy Kallet
California - Joni Mitchell
Down Across The Delaware - James McMurtry
Church In Calhoun - Boxharp
O Superman - Laurie Anderson (the song was written in 1982, and this concert performance - part of a tour which coincided with the 9-11 attacks - took place in NYC, Anderson's home town, one week after the WTC attacks)
Diggin' on the New Railroad - Robin and Linda Williams
(Sittin' On The) Dock Of The Bay - Otis Redding
Rebels - Tom Petty (live)
Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard - Paul Simon (live)
What Did They Do With The President's Brain? - Michael Hall
My Greenhorn Cousin ** - Abe Schwartz (performed by Charming Hostess)
Merchant's Lunch - Red Clay Ramblers
Saints - Breeders
4th of July - X

** Translation from the Yiddish:

A girl cousin arrived, a greenhorn,
Beautiful as gold she was
Cheeks red as oranges
Tiny feet, just made for dancing.

Her hair was as a silk web
Her teeth as pearls on a string
Her eyes, blue as skies in spring
Her lips, just like twin cherries.

She did not walk, she leapt
She did not talk, she sang.
Her every feature joyful and gay -
Such a one was my cousin.

But, as the years passed by
My cousin went downhill
From working hard week after week
Nothing remained but a wreck.

Today, as I meet her in the street
And I ask: How's everything, Greenhorn?
She just sighs and I read in her eye:
To hell with Columbus'paradise!

Judith | 07/04/06 at 11:22 PM | Categories: Sensual pleasures

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Tracked on July 4, 2006 12:05 PM


There is something wrong with the html in this page. The audio link did not work by clicking.

After I reformed it by full extention as follows:


I could load it it into the address bar and it worked.

Robert Schwartz | July 4, 2006 02:24 PM

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