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August 10, 2006

Never apologize, never explain

[ RELATED: David Adesnik wonders if Siniora will ever express regret for the deaths of Israelis. ]

To be fair, Miri Eisen looks exhausted. And since Olmert has turned into Neville Chamberlain, she was probably instructed to grovel. But you can see the result in Rosemary Church's sneer, and in the pile-on in the YouTube comments, and in the title: "Great rebuttal by CNN anchor against a Israel Spokeswomen." Apologizing invites more condemnation and bullying.

Nidra Poller responds:

Don’t apologize. Don’t express sincere regrets. Don’t promise to investigate. Don’t fall into that trap. Apologize in private, in the privacy of the heart, apologize in prayer, ask for divine forgiveness, but don’t apologize to public opinion. Don’t fall into the traps set by vicious jihadis and relayed by unscrupulous media. Investigate, hold to the highest standards, but don’t promise to investigate. Don’t make promises to the cynical birds of ill augur perched on the fringes of the battle, squawking accusations against your brave hearts. Don’t say “we will investigate” because they translate it to “guilty as charged.” Did they ever ask a jihadi to investigate? Did they ever scrutinize a jihadi investigation with their steely eyes? Do they investigate their own misfiring, misjudgments, misleading misinformation?

Don’t apologize to a world that does not share our values. Don’t play into the perverse blood libel game. Your noble words fall into their meat grinder and it’s our own blood and macerated flesh that comes out the other end. Don’t apologize for misdemeanors, for slips of the gun in the heat of battle, because the ears that slurp up those innocent explanations are on fire with lust for our original sin. They are not accusing you of collateral damage, they are accusing us of killing the divinity we brought to the world, accusing us of existing, accusing us of existence itself. The jihad gods belch it out through their beards: you love life, we love death. They want death to win. And their misguided handmaidens pounce on every apology and throw it into the maw of the death worshippers.

. . . . Don’t apologize to public opinion for killing civilians. Because dead civilians are the WMDs of this war. Israel is bombarded with rockets and with alleged civilian casualties. Either Lebanese sources are lying, or Hizbullah fighters are invincible, because every Israeli operation yields a new crop of civilian deaths. And the media take notes, like dutiful stenographers, and the statistics are racked up and turn into more weapons aimed at the total destruction of Israel and the Jews.

Looks like she saw that video.

This is how you do it (from several years ago). But that was a different administration:

Dan Gillerman is the only Israeli official who isn't groveling to the "international community." His speech to the UN:

Carry the battle to them. Don't let them put you on the defensive. True in PR and diplomacy as well as war.

Judith | 08/10/06 at 03:47 PM | Categories: - The War of Dire Straits

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I agree. NEVER apologize for war crimes. It makes you look cheap.

Mofaz | August 10, 2006 06:41 PM

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