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October 11, 2006

Avoiding Political Embarrassment the Columbia University Way

How do you avoid political embarrassment at Columbia University these days?

Disinvite invited guests to a talk sure to interest conservatives and other hawks in the larger NYC community. A talk, by the bye, well advertised in several major conservative blogs.

Why, we wonder, at 4:45 in the afternoon, a mere 3:15 hours before Walid Shoebat and his panel were to speak to an audience at Columbia University, all of whom had RSVP'd to the Columbia University College Republicans who were sponsoring the talk, and received invitations from them to the event, has Jewelnel Davis, the advising officer to Student Governing Board groups at Columbia decided to rescind all of the invitations?

Can it possibly be that, having been severely embarrassed by last week's events - when radical leftists at Columbia were left free to act as thugs and attack the Minutemen - and the blogstorm it precipitated, resulting in severe, public criticism of Lee Bollinger, President of Columbia University, for his lack of initiative at solving the problem, this week they decided to solve the problem - at the last minute - by restricting their popular lecturer to Columbia students and 20 invited guests.

It is the decision of the advising office to Student Governing Board groups that at tonight’s event sponsored by the Columbia College Republicans, hosts to the Walid Shoebat Foundation, attendance will be limited to the invited speakers and their staff, CUID holders, and 20 invited guests. You are receiving this email to inform you that unfortunately, your RSVP to tonight’s event cannot be accepted. Sincerely,

Jewelnel Davis
University Chaplain
Associate Provost
Director of the Earl Hall Center

This method of dealing with the situation did not please the College Republicans:

From: Chris Kulawik (President of College Republicans)

This was a decision of the administration - the CRs wanted to allow
all individuals with RSVPs. Please join us in directing complaints
to Earl Hall and the Columbia Admin. This is not the first time
they have done something like this.

All my thanks,

UPDATE: Welcome LGF and Hot Air readers - be sure to check out the next post for more reaction to this sudden reversal.

UPDATE: Check out all the empty chairs in the auditorium during the speech, and more on the official who sent the email.

Alcibiades | 10/11/06 at 08:54 PM | Categories: - Wackademia

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RE Columbia U.: There is a link to a petition by Columbia students seeking signatories to excuse and justify their Brownshirt tactics at littlegreenfootballs.com . They are getting a lot more than they bargained for. Take a peek, you'll laugh your asses off! LET FREE SPEECH REIGN!!!

TheMadKing | October 11, 2006 09:24 PM

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