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February 09, 2007

Day of Rage, #426

Intifada v.3.0, here we come. Snapped Shot points out:

it seems that this is a Palestinian day of RAGE, considering we haven't seen any action on the wires from Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, or any of the other usual hot spots. I'll keep an eye on the wires, of course, but I find it interesting that nothing's come across yet.

It would be very interesting if their sponsors will let the Palestinians twist in the wind this time. . . .

Since the pretext for this riot is Israeli archeological work at the site, it is appropriate to remind everyone about the extensive damage done to the site over the past several decades by the Muslim WAQF, about which Israelis have much more reason to riot, but mainly made muted protests. Olmert was the mayor of Jerusalem during part of that time, and participated in some official statements condemning the destruction.

Judith | 02/09/07 at 04:31 PM | Categories: - Temple Mount blogburst

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