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March 22, 2007

Weird New Ad Campaign Spotted Around New York

Manhattan Mini Storage has a new ad campaign going on NY city, to help publicize their three new locations.

I spotted the first Manhattan Mini Storage ad yesterday as, it happened, that I was strolling with two other republicans after gym.


Fortunately, my closets are not that narrow.

Noticed the second one tonight on the way back from the gym, while schlepping bags home from Fairway.

I guess they figure they are safe enough, given the demographics of NYC. But I bet some minority gets completely turned off and won't use their services.


I swiped the pics from manhattah chowder, which believes the ad campaign is just great.

Alcibiades | 03/22/07 at 11:07 PM | Categories: NYC

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Tracked on March 23, 2007 01:43 PM


I saw those too. On the Upper West Side, where they are in their target demographic.

Judith | March 23, 2007 01:31 AM

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