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June 11, 2007

DC Fantasy: Gays Storm Jihadi Love Fest!

Stand With Us got a busload of folks together yesterday to attend the spirited pro-Israel counterdemonstration in Washington, to irritate the United For Peace & Justice crowd that showed up at the Capital.

This Jerusalem Post article gives a good overview of the day.

The Israel group numbered 200-300, not a bad showing, while the anti-Israel crowd was 3,000 to 5,000. But the BIG crowd, with the hard bodies, hot music and fun in the sun, was definitely at the Capital Pride Festival held in the very same area. The festival had terrific music -- I heard all-lesbian band Wicked Jezebel tear the stage apart playing "Barracuda" by Heart.


The highlight of the day came at the end, when the pro-Israel bunch lined Consititution Ave. while the anti-Israel bunch stomped by with their signs. A line of DC riot police, some on horseback and motorcycles, kept the snarling, snapping pro-Palis away from our hardy band, and a good thing, since they exhibited all the violent, spitting proclivities typical to large assemblies of their sort (I've seen them in action before, during the 2004 Republican convention in NYC). Fortunately, no physical violence happened.

And then I had my brilliant idea for the day.

Wouldn't it be great if the happy GLBT crowd decided to rise as one mass and troop over to the anti-Israel group and DEMAND justice for oppressed gays and lesbians in the Middle East? After all, while Israel hosts a big Gay Pride parade, other countries have a rather different attitude. This site has a good overview of the issues.

Think about it: a politically aware, progressive group taking a vital message directly to a group that, in at least some extreme elements, would want nothing more than to do a mass stoning. Let them take the Gay Pride march to Middle East and then let's see where tolerance and acceptance begins and ends (somewhere in the middle of the Jordan River).

And now, scenes from the day, from the pro- and anti-rallies and the Pride event:

Free Republic's Christian Taylor


Our big banner

IMG_2896-kid banner.jpg

Comrades for the cause


Isn't he the clever one?

IMG_2940-Mets Fan.jpg

She forgot the word "in" on her shirt.


A reasonable discussion between two worthy opponents.


Wicked Jezebel rocks out, rocks on, rocks the house around the clock . . .


Another kind of oil for the Middle East?


Say it loud


The storm approaches


DC police keeping the peace


Van | 06/11/07 at 10:35 PM | Categories: - Israel vs. the world

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Speaking of the gay factor in the Middle East, there are many gag websites on the internet. The one about Lake Michigan whale watching seems to be moribund, but one of my favorites is this:


Warn your friends about this ever-present threat!

Anyway, as far as I can tell this one is *not* a joke site:


As Anna Russell says in lecture on Wagner, "I'm not making this up, you know." This is one time when a Nazi comparison is apt; it's pretty much like a "Jews for Hitler" group, supporting people who avowedly want to kill you.

I don't know whether the term that accurately describes them is "cognitive dissonance," "doublethink," or "nuts."

Alex Bensky | June 12, 2007 07:43 AM

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