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August 12, 2010

A Communist For Kerry Burrows Into the System From Within

I was delighted to read this story that an alum of the 2004 group "Communists For Kerry" is now cunningly running for Congress in Florida. If elected, "Comrade Che," a/k/a Jason Sager, can burrow into the rotting political system from within.

CFK caught my attention in that tumultuous political year, and I checked out one of their street-theater events at New York's Union Square in October (a fitting month) and, of course, took pictures. The whole troupe brilliantly befuddled observers who couldn't tell how serious they were -- spoofers or real revolutionaries? The photos and captions on the CFK site tell the story. I never fail to laugh at the antics. We need more of their ilk starting right now.

Below, that's Comrade Che to the left.


Van | 08/12/10 at 07:18 PM | Categories: Domestic Politics

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