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August 10, 2010

Everything You Need to Know About JDate in 10 Quotes

Years ago I met a woman on Jdate and something about our communications had an archetypal sound, almost like a cosmic conversation. If aliens came to earth, they could learn so much from reading our back and forth about the mating styles of the digital era. Since aliens will have lots to explore when they land here, I've done them a favor and extracted the top 10 quotes from emails I had from this woman, whom I'll call YettaFromYonkers. This happened so long ago that I barely remember her name.

Go ahead -- feel the love.

1. I'm really excited about the idea of hiking. To redrop a not so subtle hint - my children will be with their father again next weekend, if you also have any time then. (April 9, 9:28 a.m.)

2. I like this picture. Where are you in it? (April 10, 7:58 p.m.)

3. Wow! That's Connecticut?! How gorgeous! You look pretty good too. I'm very partial to beards. I like the shirt too. (April 10, 8:11 p.m.)

4. I'm sorry our conversation was cut off so suddenly. The more we communicate, the more I'm looking forward to meeting you. Good night. (April 10, 9:18 p.m.)

5. On an irregular basis, a group of people here hold an alternative minyan. Maybe you'd like to check out this minyan some Shabbat, have lunch here? (April 10, 9:56 p.m.)

6. I was just rereading your profile - I'd love to get a demonstration of both your dancing skills (I've always wanted to know a man who could really dance; my parents were great dancers together), and your Russian skills (mine are rusty now)! Not necessarily simultaneously. (April 13, 7:50 p.m.)

7. Is there a good time this week to talk? Take care, YettaFromYonkers (April 13, 9:44 p.m.)

8. I'm going to be up working for a while, if you want to talk. (April 15, 9:34 p.m.)

9. I enjoyed meeting you also. Sorry about the sore feet, but wasn't it wonderful being outside?! It was quite zooey here this evening, but things have finally quieted down. Please do keep me posted on the book sales. (April 18, 10:19 p.m.)

10. Hi. I hope you're doing well. I just wanted to let you know that I've met someone with whom things have really clicked and I'm going to be focusing my attention there. I'm not someone who can have more than one conversation going at a time. Take care YettaFromYonkers (April 25, 11:55 p.m.)

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